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Creating a bridge to permanent affordable housing for vulnerable populations.

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Housing on Merit (HOM) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, committed to preserving and developing affordable housing.


Units co-developed by HOM


Residents supported by HOM


U.S. households that are housing cost burdened

56 units
Los Angeles, CA
26 units
Lancaster, CA
49 units
Los Angeles, CA
300 units
Charleston, SC
406 units
Fresno, CA
120 units
Summerville, SC
104 units
Washington, D.C.
337 units
Washington, DC
304 units
San Bernardino, CA 92410
131 units
Roseville, CA
200 units
Fresno, CA
128 units
Fairfield, CA
239 units
San Bernardino, CA
549 units
Washington, D.C
271 units
Chula Vista, CA
187 units
Sacramento, CA
94 units
Toledo, OH
212 units
Sacramento, CA
109 units
North Charleston, SC
58 units
Palmdale, CA
161 units
San Ysidro, CA
46 units
Washington, D.C.
50 units
Visalia, CA
104 units
Camarillo, CA
800 units
Lancaster, CA
101 units
San Jose CA
61 units
Pasadena, CA
136 units
Bakersfield, CA
240 units
Fresno, CA
204 units
Fresno, CA
170 units
Pacifica, CA
240 units
San Diego, CA